What are your office hours?

  • 8:30am to 5:00pm CST

I already have an Account with Formay Pet Prodcuts. How do I log in to the Website?

  • Click on register.
  • Key in your Account ID (found on the upper left-hand corner of your Invoice) and follow the prompts to set up your own User Name, Password & Security Keys.
  • Then you’ll be logged in instantaneously. (Please keep your User Name, Password & Security Keys in a safe place; for security purposes we do not keep record of your login information.)

I’m interested in opening an Account with Formay Pet Products. What do I do?

  • We are open to the wholesale trade only. A valid resale number from your state is required. The minimum opening order is $300.00. Subsequent minimum orders are $100 (a service charge will be applied if this subsequent minimum order amount is not met). You may submit a Customer Application through this Website. Once you complete the New Customer Application, you will receive an e-mail with your new Account Number.
  • Click on customer application.

How do I establish terms?

  • Please contact our Customer Service Representatives for further assistance. Call 1.800.445.9437 or email us at info@formaypetproducts.com